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Welcome to Plantek International, your Global Partner for all your tissue culture needs. In the demanding world of agriculture and horticulture, the reliable supply of plant material is very important. Breeding also demands a fast propagation method and that is why the importance of tissue culture is increasing. Plantek International plays an important role in this growing market. Our teams of more than 50 technicians are dedicated to developing a constantly growing line of original and inventive products over a wide range of foliage plants, perennials, tropical, cut Flowers, Pot Plants and other virus-indexed plants.

Product innovation is necessary for maintaining the interest of today’s consumer. Growers also increasingly demand more of the product: new varieties that are more productive, have a lower cost price, are less susceptible to pests and diseases, tolerant to high and low temperatures. Plantek International responds to this changing market through constant innovation. In addition to promoting existing traditional techniques, the process of constant innovation enables the development of new propagation techniques.

India is the world’s largest producer of banana with 13.9 million tons. It is grown in almost every state. Banana is the only fruit available throughout the year. It is highly nutritious but perishable and sensitive crop. The production is also irregular.

Harvesting is from July to Dec. Demand for quality fruit is increasing so to increase the production it is necessary to go for odd season plantation. Tissue culture provides a big tool to fulfill the requirement of supply of quality fruit round the year for domestic as well as export market.

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